RAFT Upcycle title sponsor: Scott Reiman and the Reiman Foundation

The Reiman Foundation has long supported many deserving initiatives and organizations that highlight education and create a bright future for the next generation.

This year, RAFT (Resource Area For Teaching) Colorado is honored to be partnering with Scott Reiman, CEO of the Reiman Foundation. As the title sponsor for RAFT’s premier fundraising event, Upcycle, the Reiman Foundation continues its commitment to helping eliminate barriers and providing kids with access to high quality education.

“What I love about RAFT is that it gives teachers the tools they need to be successful,” said Scott Reiman. “By providing educators with the resources, as well as the techniques needed to create the best possible classroom experience, RAFT is helping shape the next generation of Colorado leaders.”

Based in Denver, Scott Reiman is the CEO and founder of the private equity firm Hexagon. The Reiman Foundation is Hexagon’s non-profit organization and, in addition to education, is a proponent of myriad programs focused on the arts, healthcare and children’s initiatives. Scott serves on the boards of Graland Country Day School, ACE Scholarships and is a University of Denver trustee, as well as a founding member of the Denver Scholarship Foundation.

Also active in the civic and business communities, Scott is involved in numerous organizations throughout Denver, including the Rocky Mountain Public Broadcasting Network, Denver Art Museum, and Quarterly Forum.