immersive learning experiences

raft loves inspiring hands-on learning in kids by empowering educators to make it happen!

Most of our Immersive Learning Experiences provide educators with the tools and resources they need to design and deliver hands-on learning experiences in the classroom or wherever learning happens in the community.

Additionally, Raft Re-Imagineers facilitate innovative and exciting hands-on learning experiences directly with groups of kids!

each of the raftLab experiences can take place at the inspirational raft resource center or through raft-on-wheels – our way of bringing raftLab to educators across colorado.

To schedule your inspiring experience, contact Harley today!

raftLab experiences

guided learning experiences:

Raft-facilitated formal yet fun learning geared to helping educators build their skills and connect with other teachers. These experiences include all materials needed for a Raft-y experience that leads to inspired, confident educators ready to make hands-on learning happen!

Pricing: $1500 for a half-day (plus overnight travel expenses if applicable)

Up to 50 participants and access to shopping if at RAFT; Up to 25 if ROW

Add $500 for full-day training or for each additional 10 participants

Upcycled MakerSpaces

In this fun and hands-on session, participants will discover how easy and affordable it can be to set up a MakerSpace.  The session will occur in a MakerSpace that uses upcycled materials to demonstrate how teachers can create and maintain Upcycled MakerSpaces of their own.  Participants will use the Space to do their own material exploration and a project, then reflect as a group how incorporating open-ended maker projects can help foster student learning and essential skills.

Cross-Curricular Engineering

According to Albert Einstein, “Scientists investigate that which already is; Engineers create that which has never been.” Engineers are dreamers, innovators, researchers, inventors, problem-solvers, and creators. In this workshop, participants will engineer “curricular collisions” that integrate STEM with other content areas. This engineering process will lead to exciting new ways to learn about the world that not only provide valuable context to content, they also open up opportunities to develop those critical engineering skills regardless of the content area.

Developing Hands-on Activities to Support Colorado Academic Standards

Some educators need to align their curriculum to external standards (e.g., The Colorado Academic Standards or NGSS), while others need to ensure their teaching covers their organization’s internal academic goals. This course can be tailored to address either of these needs. Multiple challenges will be used to show the applicability across content areas and in developing essential skills.  During the discussions surrounding each challenge, participants will gain more insight on how to use standards or objectives to design challenges that effectively advance learning goals. Participants will also spend time building rubrics to assess the students’ performance and understanding against desired outcomes.

Assessing Student Understanding through Hands-On Activities

Bubble dot tests are limited in their ability to measure student learning. Teachers need a variety of tools to fully assess student understanding, and this session provides excellent scaffolding for how to use design challenges to do just that. Participants explore how to use both open-ended and result-focused Design Challenges to guide and assess student learning.  Participants will also spend time building rubrics designed to methodically assess their students’ performance and understanding.

Design Challenges for Individualized Learning

With no prescribed outcome, open-ended Design Challenges provide perfect opportunities to let students approach their learning in their own way.  We will explore how to use quality challenges to take students through prescribed content and reinforce that learning, while providing them with individualized opportunities to express and report. We will also discuss how to evaluate student learning when faced with so many different work products to assure that students have learned the necessary content.


For early learners, STEM is exciting and it is everywhere!  In this workshop, which is focused on how to scaffold “play” into powerful learning experiences, participants will play as students but think like educators. After demystifying the STEM acronym, we will build everyone’s expertise in using repurposed materials to provide opportunities for exploration, inquiry, and scientific thinking. We will also provide practical tips – plus take-home materials – to make it almost effortless to ensure kids are enjoying STEM opportunities every day!

Kit or raftbox Exploration

How do you unlock the power of hands-on with these ready-to-use resources raftBoxes and Kits Open-ended design challenges and phenomena observation and guided activities up the rigot help with retention and mastery of concepts and all the other benefits of hands-on. Compare and contrast open-ended design challenges and specific products So easy because we have done the work for you

Teacher/Student 3D PD

It’s PD Perfection: Teachers AND students learning side by side. Each teacher will assemble a team of 4 – 5 lucky students and bring them to Survivor STEM, where they will learn “essential skills” for survival both in and out of the classroom. Watch out for zombies!

self-directed learning experiences:

These unique Raft-hosted events are designed to encourage professional learning in a casual atmosphere by creating the opportunity and providing the resources to make it happen!

Pricing: $1500 per event with a $250 store credit for events held at RAFT

Raft After Hours

We will host a private party for you and up to 50 of your colleagues at RAFT’s vibrant resource center, including food, adult beverages, party games (which can be repurposed for use in your classrooms) and unfettered access to RAFT’s talented Re-Imagineers, who will be happy to emcee, play photographer, man the tunes, judge the contests, and just about anything else you can think of!

Raft ReMixers

Inspired by Oliver Herring’s Task Parties, RAFTy Re-Mixers are fun and improvisational events that re-infuse creativity while building community. YOU pick the guest list: your colleagues (up to 50) or the kids in your classroom! Enjoy playing, making, and sharing as you get to know each other better through a series of creative challenges.

kid-focused learning experiences:

Bring the students or kids in your life to a Raft-facilitated, kid-driven design challenge at Raft or at your metro-area location. All content is adapted for age/grade levels and the hands-on materials supplied are yours to keep!

90-minute experiences serve up to 30 kids PreK and up

Field-Trips: $10/kid, At-Your-Site Visits: $350

Back-to-back sessions available!

Field Trips

At Raft, groups of up to 30 kids explore the 15,000 square-foot Resource Center stocked with exciting, enticing, inspiring repurposed materials. Then, it’s time to start re-imagining those materials with a guided attribute exploration. Once their minds are full of the possibilities inherent in what most people would call useless materials, your kids will jump into a content-connected design challenge. They will grapple with a problem, design and build a prototype, evaluate their prototype with their peers, and make meaningful changes to improve their design.

Site Visits – Metro Denver Only

If a field trip to Raft won’t fit your needs, Raft can come to you! With Raft’s site visits, all the fun and engagement is boxed up and brought to your door. Each of these 90-minute experiences follows the same exciting steps as our field trips, where kids will be able to explore unique materials and engage in building and tweaking a prototyped solution to a content-related problem.