Raft Resource Center

get the best prices, selection, and choice by shopping for raftGoods at raft’s vibrant resource center.

By providing educators access to attribute-rich materials, student-centered content, and immersive learning experiences, Raft ultimately equips Pre-K through 5th grade students with the skills to solve tomorrow’s problems.


the raft resource center

3827 Steele Street, Unit C,
Denver, CO 80205

Open to Members/Drop-in on Saturdays from 10 am to 6 pm
Private shopping Mondays through Fridays


Saturdays (10 am to 6 pm)

Raft members can drop-in for an immersive shopping experience alongside our Re-Imagineers — touching, feeling, and experiencing raftGoods and all that Raft has to offer!

private shopping

Mondays through Fridays

Bring your teaching team to Raft for a personalized and unique group shopping experience.

For $100 per hour, you will have exclusive access to the Resource Center, one-on-one access to our Re-Imagineers, and 20% off all of your purchases.
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Check out raftLab professional learning opportunities, including on-site workshops and field trips for adults and kids alike!

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