raft repurposes materials destined for landfills and “upcycles” them into hands-on learning experiences for kids. When paired with our creative curriculum and design challenges, these affordable, attribute-rich materials ultimately help kids work, think, innovate, and learn.

what are raftGoods and where do they come from?

raftGoods can be anything from fabric and foam, to tubes and tubing, to rubber and remnants, to pipes and packaging. All raftGoods are attribute-rich and repurposed from their original intent. Raft is grateful to receive the majority of our raftGoods as donated items from our many generous partners. On occasion, we also purchase certain items to ensure our online content, student-centered curriculum, and design challenges contain everything they need to inspire hands-on learning experiences for kids.

Check out our gallery of raftGoods, which change daily in our Resource Center!

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raftGoods can be purchased through raftOnline and in-person at the Raft Resource Center


Create your own unique selection of mix-and-match items for $5 a bag (available only at the Resource Center).


Collections of raftGoods specially curated by our Re-Imagineers and designed to help kids work, think, innovate, and learn creatively. Each box contains enough raftGoods to serve at least ten kids.

These specially designed kits combine raftGoods with our unique Raft Idea Sheets, resulting in all you need for a complete hands-on engineering challenge for kids!