RAFT Volunteers

RAFT volunteers spent over 4,000 hours last year supporting education AND the environment. We have great volunteer opportunities available for groups and individuals.




Groups who volunteer with RAFT not only enjoy a fun team-building opportunity, they provide an essential piece of RAFT’s operations. Volunteers save teachers thousands of hours of time when they assemble tens of thousands of RAFT’s signature Activity Kits that reach over 200,000 students!

Most of our volunteers come to the RAFT facility to do their volunteer work; however, we do have limited corporate on-site volunteer/kit sponsorship opportunities available.

If you are interested in coordinating a volunteer activity for your group, please e-mail us!



Whether you are interested in coming once in your life, once a week, or anywhere in between, we have a variety of projects available for individual volunteers, including:

  • Unloading, sorting, bagging, and stocking donated materials (in other words, creating order from chaos – great for people who love to organize!)
  • Assembling hands-on learning kits for science, math, art, and literacy
  • Picking up donated materials
  • Demonstrating and creating ideas or kits for our members
  • Restocking and cleaning the store and Green Room spaces
  • Helping with special projects

Interested? Please e-mail us!