Raft-On-Wheels Brings Hands-On Learning Statewide

Raft-On-Wheels Brings Hands-On Learning Statewide

Raft-On-Wheels Brings Hands-On Learning Statewide

Raft believes in taking its hands-on approach to learning across the state wherever it is needed most. Through a combination of district-level fee-for-service and grant funding, Raft staff takes our proven model of unique materials and professional expertise, packs it in a van, and hits the road with Raft-on-Wheels!

Last school year, we received grant funding from the Western Colorado Community Foundation to provide workshops for teachers in Eagle County and Montrose. Our first two workshops were engaged Delta teachers in open-ended design challenges. We worked with 15 teachers in Eagle County Schools providing a STEM-centered workshop focused on making engineering and problem solving a part of all curricula. We also delivered seven workshop sessions for Montrose teachers centered around hands-on activities to support Colorado Academic Standards and Cross-Curricular Engineering.

The positive feedback we received was overwhelming! All in all, teachers left our Raft-on-Wheels workshops feeling inspired to be purposeful and collaborative with great energy.

Here is what some of the teachers had to say:


“Thanks for bringing the workshop to our rural location. The workshop was inspiring and useful.”


“I appreciated the simplicity of the definitions of science and engineering. This helped me make a connection between creativity & technology.”


“The workshop was engaging and inspiring. It renewed my commitment to open-ended, project-based learning in the classroom.”


“I was already doing some of the things in the training in my classroom, however, the items that we received enhanced and gave them more ways to create. They were more apt to take something and figure out ways to build or make something.”


“Since the training, my students have had the opportunity to connect with characters and elements of plot in literature 100% more than if I had not attended the training. They have created models of the different environments for characters, and made many inventions that would prevent conflicts in stories. Another huge impact is the positive way they listen to each other’s ideas, negotiate and problem solve together.”

The inspiration we get from collaborating with teachers fuels our mission to spread hands-on learning to as many kids as possible!


We were amazed at just how much stuff we could fit into the van!
Getting over Monarch Pass was rather interesting.
Teachers looking at the kits and other materials from RAFT
A rowdy group waiting to launch their rockets

…and we think we inspired them to go back to their classrooms with new ideas!