Material Donations

RAFT is about innovation and creativity – just about anything destined for the garbage or recycle bin can be transformed into a learning activity.



Material Donation Guidelines

Drop-off Hours:  Tuesday – Thursday 10 – 5 | Friday – Saturday 10 – 4

Items Teachers Need:

  • Manufacturing and packaging materials (new and used – especially cornstarch packing peanuts)
  • Manufacturing surplus, such as plexiglass, rubber and vinyl
  • Desk supplies of all kinds (but no binders bigger than 2″ please)
  • Art supplies of all kinds
  • Fabric and foam remnants
  • Promotional Items, (e.g. balloons, buttons, t-shirts, mugs, key rings, water bottles, etc.)
  • Plastics
  • Medical and Lab Equipment
  • Hardware supplies
  • Wire and magnets
  • CDs and CD jewel cases
  • Bottle caps and corks
  • Containers and tubes
  • Restaurant supplies
  • Electronics
  • Party supplies

Items We Do Not Accept:

  • Dirty, hazardous or contaminated items
  • Containers that once held vitamins or medications
  • Containers that once held soap, bleach or petroleum products
  • Sharp items, such as needles or metal/glass fragments
  • Office Furniture
  • Household items, such as clothes, appliances, or housewares
  • Computer equipment
  • Textbooks / Teacher Resource Books
  • Two-dimensional, homemade teaching materials






For Companies

Donating materials to RAFT is easy:

The truth is, there is very little we don’t accept. In fact, it’s often the most unusual items that spark the most creative hands-on learning ideas. Just take the first step and . . .

1. Contact us to see if your materials are appropriate

Call us at 720-242-8833 or email a photo to

2. Schedule a Pick-up …

If you have enough materials to fill an SUV or a pallet, we can arrange to pick them up for free in the metro area; otherwise, we ask that you drop them off during business hours on Tuesday or Saturday.

3. Enjoy the Benefits!

Enjoy the knowledge that you are helping kids learn, keeping stuff out of the landfill, saving money on disposal costs, and (if your accountant says it’s okay) getting a tax break — our federal tax identification number is 26-2455607.

For Households

Generally speaking, RAFT is looking for large quantities of the same types of materials, although there are exceptions for unique or highly coveted items! Instead of throwing away or recycling, please save the following donations for us:

  • Corks
  • Bottle Caps
  • Gently Used Art Supplies (yarn, beads, scrapbook supplies, scissors, etc)
  • Writing implements (pens, pencils, crayons, markers, chalk)
  • Consumable desk supplies (binder clips, paper clips, staplers and staples, tape)
  • Jewel Cases
  • Children’s Books
  • Packing Peanuts (any kind)
  • Slide carousels

Drop-off Hours:  Tuesday 10 – 5 and Saturday 10 – 3

If you have items other than those on this list that you are interested in donating, please contact us before donating to make sure teachers can use them!  We have limited space and people for sorting, so we have to manage our these resources wisely.  You can imagine it can get overwhelming, expensive, and wasteful to process donations of random items that we can’t use.  You can call us at 720.242.8833 or email descriptions and/or send photos to to make sure we are only taking items we know will be popular with our teacher members!




Material  Donor Superstars (500+ cubic feet)

Aurora Public Schools | Ball Corporation | B Logistics | Boulder Valley School District | CHB Capital Partners | Colorado Container Corporation/Packaging Corp. | Colorado Convention Center | Colorado Department of Labor and Employment | Colorado Historical Society | Columbine Paper | Columbine Specialty Products | Cooper Tea | Denver Art Museum | Denver Center for the Performing Arts | Denver Christian Schools | DIA | Denver Museum of Nature and Science | DIPCO | DPS Science Resource Center | Elements | Frederic Printing Company | Graebel Companies | Grape Expectations | Great White Batting | Hunter Douglas | IKEA Centennial | Klutz | KODO Kids LLP | Lockheed Martin Space Systems | MDCA | MGMA | Miller Coors | Packaging Corp | Piedmont Plastics | Providers Resource Clearinghouse | RR Donnelly | Sohgave, LLC | SparkFun | Stanley British Primary Schools | Tables Restaurant | Terumo BCT | Thule Organization Solutions | University of Colorado Health Sciences Center | Visit Denver | Walmart | Whole Foods | Zero Landfill



Financial Donations?