RAFT 100

RAFT 100

 Reasons to  Raft

10 Green Room Resources

  1. Laminating Machine – At just $1.00/foot this is the best deal around! Our 26-inch wide laminator will make your students’ work shiny and durable.
  2. Ellison Die Cuts and Sizzix – With more than 150 die plates to choose from, the possibilities are endless. Need to make a skeleton? We’ve got all the bones you need. Just add brass brads and you’re ready for class!
  3. Space, Space and More Space – Spread that project out as you use all the resources in the Green Room. Need to do some team lesson planning? This is the place to meet.
  4. Paper Cutter – Our large-format paper cutters will cut down your prep time! Paper, matte board, poster board? Bring it on!
  5. Hot Glue – Keep it together, friend.
  6. Long-Arm Stapler – For those awkward stapling needs…
  7. Paints, Colored Markers, Stencils, Cutting Tools, Spray Adhesive, Hole Punches, Pastels, Glitter, Glue, Chalk, Crayons and much, much more
  8. WiFi – You just gotta have it!
  9. Sewing Machines – No need to drag yours up from the basement… We have everything you need for that quick sewing project, thread included!
  10. Book Binding Machine – Whether it’s by Chaucer or Charlie from the 3rd grade, it’s just as precious. Make it extra special by spiral-binding it for just 10-cents and it’s sure to become a cherished keepsake!

10 Great Kits

  1. Bronco Blaster
  2. Bronco Biomechanics
  3. Flick a Field Goal
  4. Three Little Pigs

10 Professional Learning Experiences

  1. Kit Workshops – Every month, you can earn credit hours while you learn how easy it is to integrate different RAFT kits into your curriculum.
  2. Off-Site PD – You can find us delivering professional development at events and conferences all over the state with our RAFT on Wheels program.
  3. Make & Takes – Next time you’re in, visit the make & take table in the center of the store and try out a fun RAFTy activity.
  4. Symposium – 30 workshops over two weeks:  all grade levels, all content areas, all interactive, all taught by accomplished practitioners, all will get you credit hours…need we say more?
  5. Field Trips – If your students are ready to get out of the classroom and get serious about learning in our world of re-imagination, they are ready for a RAFT field trip.
  6. Scavenger Hunts – RAFT is big.  Bring a big group to explore, discover, and uncover the magical learning opportunities we provide.
  7. PDA (Public Displays of raft Activities) – From information booths to interactive exhibits, whenever you spot the RAFT logo at an event you can be sure to learn something to keep your students engaged and learning.
  8. Crafty Workshops – Sometimes, you just have to get your crafty on.  For practically no money, these workshops are your chance to unwind and have fun creating Pinterest-worthy projects using Green Room supplies and low-cost bulk materials.
  9. Customized Workshops – We can personalize most of  our interactive professional development to whatever your school/organization/district needs to align with your needs and goals – just give us a call; we would love to talk to you about how we can help.
  10. Coming Soon…RAFT on Wheels!  We are launching a pilot project where our rambling re-imagineers will go out on the road to help educators learn how easy it can be to set up affordable and educational maker spaces.

10 Ways We Support Teachers

  1. Providing Personalized Coaching
  2. Brainstorming Activity Ideas
  3. Offering a Shoulder to Lean On
  4. Connecting Ideas and Activities to Standards
  5. Demonstrating How to Use Tools
  6. Showing How to Unlock the Magic of Materials
  7. Suggesting Ways to Adapt Kits to All Ages 
  8. Sharing Ideas for Content Differentiation
  9. Turning Dimes Into Dollars
  10. Treating Our Members with Gratitude and Respect

10 Cool Materials

  1. Kong

    Kong rubber web pieces.

  2.  Sock Tops!

    Sock Tops!

  3. Bottle Caps

    Did you know that RAFT is one of the only places in the state that will recycle, make that upcycle, plastic bottle caps?

  4. Tins

    Metal tins from Cooper Tea

  5. CareFree Tubes

    Carefree cardboard tubes in all shapes and sizes!

  6. Fabric


  7. Crocs

    These adorable little guys are new to our inventory! Crocs has donated nearly 2,000 baby left shoes in a rainbow of colors.

  8. Foam

    FOAM! These goofy foam pieces make great hats.

  9. Books

    Books, books, and more books!

  10. Coffee Filters


10 RAFTy Groups of People

  2. The Raft Staff! Learn more about us! 
  3. The Raft Board Members (and their baby photos!)
  4. Our Amazing Individual Volunteers! Thank you for all you do, this place would not be what it is without your hard work!
  5. Material Donors- The awesome materials we get on a daily basis inspire creativity and make RAFT the quirky, fun place it is.
  6. Corporate Volunteer Groups- We love working with our Corporate volunteer groups! These volunteers really help us get SO much done. Thank you!
  7. Financial Donors- 
  8. Teacher Advisory Board- 
  9. The Kids, The Learners- Although we are only lucky enough to work directly with kids every once in a while, they are the reason for all of this. We invest everything we’ve got to give them a bright, innovative, and promising future!
  10. Our Educational Partners- 

10 Random And Funky Things About RAFT

  1. RAFTLab – Space rental for only $25/hour
  2. We divert over 25,000 cubic feet of material from the waste stream. That is more than 200,000 gallons of stuff!
  3. We have a Facebook page: Like Us!
  4. We will host your group for a cocktail party.
  5. We have had donations travel all the way from Louisiana to get to RAFT.
  6. Two of our best resources are also our least utilized. Please use the Green Room and our online Idea Sheet lists!
  7. We are one of the only places that recycles bottle caps and some other hard to recycle items like CDs.
  8. We have Pinterest page.
  9. We have more than 740 Idea Sheets available for free at any time on our website.
  10. Our building was originally built by the Army for WW2.

10 Types of Members

  1. Classroom Teachers
  2. After School Programs
  3. Summer School Programs
  4. Para Professionals
  5. Homeschool Teachers
  6. Educational Non-Profits
  7. Outdoor Education Programs
  8. Clubs
  9. Student Teachers
  10. Principals