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Are you looking for a way to reconnect with the joy and passion that brought you into education? RAFT workshops strive to teach relevant content while tapping into the love that educators have for what they do. We want you to walk away with new knowledge and an excitement for putting that knowledge to work in your classroom! All of our workshops are hands-on, so you will learn by doing. Here are our workshop types:

  • RAFTy Toolbox (: In these two-hour workshops, the first portion will be spent learning about concepts and the second portion will be spent working with colleagues. They are great opportunities to have fun, build your skills, and connect with other teachers!
  • Intensives: These targeted six-hour workshops are all about concepts
    that apply directly to you. Learn strategies that can be implemented in your classroom immediately to excite and inspire yourself and your students! (Price includes lunch and all materials!! What a steal!)
  • Content-Rich Half-Days: These three-hour workshops are a perfect chance to learn a bite-sized chunk that can be taken into your classroom and applied with your students to increase the level of rigor through hands-on learning.
  • Crafting & Cocktails: Come relax and unwind with a few cocktails to get
    those creative juices flowing. Some will be members only and some will be for members and friends. All materials and refreshments are included in the price! You’re going to love it!

Register by selecting sessions below and clicking the enroll button. Sessions must be pre-paid either online using paypal, over the phone, or in person.

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Saturday, May 9, 12pm – 3pm,
It’s Because They Fly: Interesting Intersections of Art and Science in Ornithology
Flight is fascinating. By using a combination of science and art we will walk in the footsteps of John J. Audobon and Olaus Murie while we explore the adaptations that make avian flight possible. Everyone will walk away with new ideas on using art and science to interpret the world as well as some bird identification skills.
$20 for members and non-members alike

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