Volunteer Opportunities

RAFT volunteers spent over 3,500 hours last year supporting education AND the environment.

Help Us Move!

Early this summer, we are moving from our current location at 2875 Blake Street to a bigger and better location at 3827 Steele Street.  We would love your help – if you are interested in any of the following times and projects, please e-mail Stephanie!

Feeling MACHO?  How about:

  • Taking down or assembling pallet racking?  We can use your help on June 10th, 11th, 17th, 18th and/or 19th from 10 – 3. (3-4 volunteers each day)
  • Building new store fixtures?  Come to Steele Street on June 26th at 10:00 am.  (We have some ideas, but if you have any ideas on how we can use our repurposed materials to build them, please let us know!). (5-6 volunteers)
  • HELPING US MOVE!  We need your brawn (and your box truck or pick-up, if you have one) on Saturday and Sunday, June 21st and 22nd.  We will get started at 9:00 am and hopefully wrap up around 4:00 pm each day.  (the more the merrier!)
  • Helping set up the new spaces on June 27th & 28th and July 1st through 3rd.  (2-3 volunteers each day)
  • Okay, it’s not really that macho, but we could use help giving the new warehouse a thorough cleaning on June 2nd and 3rd from 10:00 – 3:00.  (3-4 volunteers)

Feeling CREATIVE?  We have lots of drop in opportunities:

  • Paint the pegboard on the store displays on June 25th from 10:00 to 4:00.  (3-5 volunteers)
  • Build identified sample projects and store signs between 10:00 and 3:00 July 1st through 3rd. (2-3 volunteers each day).
  • Drop in between10:00 and 4:00 on July 10th through 12th to build sample projects and prep for the Grand Re-Opening.


Groups who volunteer with RAFT not only enjoy a fun team-building opportunity,  they provide an essential piece of RAFT’s operations.  Volunteers save teachers thousands of hours of time as they assemble tens of thousands of RAFT’s signature Activity Kits that reach over 200,000 students!

If you are interested in coordinating a volunteer activity for your group, please contact Chris DeKay at 270-242-8833 or chris@raftcolorado.org.



Whether you are interested in coming once in your life, once a week, or anywhere in between, we have a variety of projects available for volunteers, including:

- Unloading, sorting, bagging, and stocking donated materials (in other words, creating order from chaos – great for people who love to organize!)
- Assembling hands-on learning kits for science, math, art, and literacy
- Demonstrating and creating ideas or kits for our members
- Restocking and cleaning the store
- Helping with customer check-out

Interested?  Please email Chris or call 720-242-8833.

Dumpster-Diving Dudes and Divas

We are assembling a group of fun-loving people with a great sense of humor and appreciation for RAFT’s unique concept of simultaneously supporting education and the environment.  D4s will go out on RAFT’s behalf to help solicit and/or pick up even more materials for our members!  Interested?  Email Chris!

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