Professional Learning Opportunities

RAFT workshops offer relevant content while tapping into the love that educators have for what they do. We want you to walk away with new knowledge and an excitement for putting that knowledge to work in your classroom! All of our workshops are hands-on, so you will learn by doing. Here are our workshop types:

RAFTy Toolbox

In these 2-hour workshops, the first portion will be spent learning about concepts and the second portion will be spent working with colleagues. They are great opportunities to have fun, build your skills, and connect with other teachers!


These targeted 6-hour workshops are all about concepts that apply directly to you. Learn strategies that can be implemented in your classroom immediately to excite and inspire yourself and your students. (Price includes lunch and all materials!! What a steal!)

Content-Rich Half-Days

These 3-hour workshops are a perfect chance to learn a bite-sized chunk that can be taken into your classroom to increase the level of rigor with hands-on, inquiry-based learning.

Crafting Sessions

These relaxed, guided 2-hour workshops provide you the chance to play with our materials yourself to create really fun and artsy projects.

You can register by selecting from the sessions below and clicking the enroll button. Sessions must be pre-paid: you may pay online using paypal, over the phone, or in person.



Workshop Calendar

To enroll in a Workshop, please select from the available future workshops listed below.

After you’ve selected your desired workshops, you will be directed to the workshop sign up page to complete the enrollment.

Wednesday, October 19, 5:30pm - 7pm,
Synesthesia: The Fusing of Senses Synesthetic Instruments: The Fusing of Circuitry and Art
Instruments do not have to just make the music. They can be a part of the visual performance that is making music. Come learn how to build circuitry into instruments to make them light up as they are played.
$10 for Members $25 for Non-Members
Wednesday, October 19, 10:30am - 12pm,
Homeschool Halloween Crafts
Halloween is much more than candy and costumes; it is rich with tradition and creativity. In this session we will use crafting to explore some of the traditions and history of Halloween. It will be a great day to let your students craft and meet other homeschool families.
TARGET AUDIENCE: All homeschool families
$10 member families $20 non-member families

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