Raft on Wheels

Delivering Hands-On to Colorado

RAFT-On-Wheels delivers RAFT’s unique combination of pragmatic professional development and unique, repurposed materials to educators in Colorado. RAFT empower teachers to design and deliver hands-on lessons that build 21st-century skills and deepen learning. You can come to us, or we can come to you!


  • STEM for Early Childhood
  • Upcycled MakerSpaces
  • Cross-Curricular Engineering
  • Developing Hands-On Activities to Support Colorado Academic Standards


  • RAFT memberships for all educators
  • Workshop materials
  • Take-away materials
  • Contact-Hour Certificates

I am using upcycled materials and RAFT ideas in conjunction with learning to work in groups, and the growth and engagement has been off the charts. The conversation students are having amaze me – working together to solve problems, being creative – I love it! Thank you!

– RAFT on Wheels Participant

If you are interested in signing up for Raft on Wheels, email Chris DeKay.