RAFT Gift Card Program

Thank you for your interest in purchasing a RAFT gift card.

Teachers spend over $500 of their own money each year on classroom materials.  When you give a RAFT gift card, you not only ease the impact on their wallet, you make it easier for them to embrace hands-on teaching with students.  Teachers can use the cards to purchase:

  • RAFT memberships ($25 initial membership; $20 renewals)
  • Affordable hands-on teaching materials
  • Low-cost classroom supplies
  • Professional development workshops…and much more!

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RAFT Gift Cards – The Perfect Thank You Gift for Teachers and Educators

RAFT gift cards are ideal for holidays, the end of the school year, or any time you want to thank a teacher!  Why give another candle or box of candy, when you could help educators perform the magic that they do every day by helping them to buy instructional materials and supplies that are so difficult to come by in today’s budget-crunched environment?

Support your favorite educator and help bring quality learning experiences to local kids with a RAFT gift card.

It’s easy!

Simply select a RAFT gift card amount (minimum of $20).  Gift cards can be purchased online or at the RAFT Colorado Resource Center.

You may select to have the gift card sent directly to you or directly to your educator.

Of course, you can also make a general contribution to RAFT to support local educators.  For more information about the RAFT Gift Card Program, funds donation or RAFT member requirements, please email stephanie@raftcolorado.org or call 720-242-8833.

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