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Donating materials to RAFT is easy:

The truth is, there is very little we don’t accept. In fact, it’s often the most unusual items that spark the most creative hands-on learning ideas.  Just take the first step and . . .

1.  Give us a Call…

at 720-242-8833 — or email with a photo – and we can let you know whether your materials are appropriate for students and teachers. (scroll down the page for some specific material donation guidelines/ideas).

2.  Schedule a Pick-up …

If your materials will fit into an SUV or pick-up truck, we ask you to schedule a time to bring them by.  If not, we can arrange to pick them up for free; otherwise.  To request a pick-up, please email

3.  Enjoy the Benefits!

Enjoy the knowledge that you are helping kids learn, keeping stuff out of the landfill, saving money on disposal costs, and (if your accountant says it’s okay) getting a tax break — our tax exempt number is 26-2455607.

Material Donation Guidelines

Items Teachers Need:

  • Manufacturing and packaging materials (new and used)
  • Manufacturing surplus, such as plexiglass, rubber and vinyl
  • Office supplies of all kinds (but no binders bigger than 2″ please)
  • Art supplies of all kinds
  • Fabric and foam remnants
  • Promotional Items, (e.g. balloons, buttons, t-shirts, mugs, key rings, water bottles, etc.)
  • Plastics
  • Medical and Lab Equipment
  • Hardware supplies
  • Wire and magnets
  • CDs and CD jewel cases
  • Bottle caps and corks
  • Containers and tubes
  • Restaurant supplies
  • Electronics
  • Party supplies


Items We Do Not Accept:

  • Dirty, hazardous or contaminated items
  • Containers that once held vitamins or medications
  • Containers that once held soap, bleach or petroleum products
  • Sharp items, such as needles or metal/glass fragments
  • Large furniture items, such as desks or partitions
  • Household items, such as clothes, appliances, or housewares
  • Computer equipment

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