Why Donate?

RAFT – a smart investment

Today’s students are tomorrow’s leaders.  The challenge we face today is preparing students to enter the workforce of tomorrow.

Colorado businesses need a well-educated work force that knows how to think critically, approach problems creatively, and collaborate and communicate — all skills that are developed through hands-on learning. Help prepare our workforce by providing educators with the tools to engage students in the basics of math, science, technology and language arts. Your donation allows RAFT immediately impacts the educational experience of hundreds of thousands of children.  Plus, your donation is tax-deductible.

Although most materials and much labor is donated – and while we do generate significant revenue through membership dues and sales of materials – our operations depend on donations from individuals, corporations and foundations.

Your contribution could fund:

$25 A year-long raft membership for a teacher
$50 One month of standards-based visual arts projects for 5 classes of elementary students
$100 Enough activity kits, classroom supplies, and professional development to prepare 200 students for Algebra
$250 A four-hour science workshop for ten teachers
$500 A week’s worth of transportation costs incurred in picking up thousands of cubic feet of materials that would otherwise be discarded
$1,000 Resources for 50 teachers to provide interactive learning activities to more than 1,000 children
$5,000 raft memberships for all teachers in the Adams County 14 School District
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